Working Efficiently with MS Excel (Basic,Intermediate & Advanced)

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Participants need not have any significant prior experience of EXCEL, but should be fairly familiar with working with computers and WINDOWS operating and office suites. Real life experiences help to quicken understanding and assimilation when shared in the class. 


Section 1: Design
1.    Understanding the concept and  power of spreadsheets
2.    Entering data and creating basic formulas
3.    Creating  work books and templates
4.    Formatting Excel Worksheets
5.    Printing Excel Worksheets
6.    Protecting Sensitive Information in a Worksheet
7.    Validating data
Section 2: Analysis
1.    Working with Functions 
2.    Working on Multiple Worksheets 
3.    Working with Advanced Worksheet Functions
4.    Managing large workbooks
5.    Create Trend lines and Scenarios 
6.    Performing What-If Analysis 
7.    Performing  Statistical Analysis 
8.    View and manipulate records using Excel Database Form
9.    Introduction to Macros & Modelling in Excel
Section 3: Reporting
1.    Creating Basic Charts, Tables and Graphs
2.    Creating 3-dimensional charts
3.    Creating Iconic charts and graphs
4.    Working with PIVOT Tables and PIVOT Charts
5.    Creating Views, Scenarios and Reports
6.    Creating and Managing Excel Lists
7.    Managing Excel Security
8.    Importing and Exporting Excel Data
9.    Publishing and Using Excel on the Web
Section 4: Course Evaluation
1.    Project work – Analysing & Reporting in Excel
2.    Exercises (these will be given and assessed for each topic concluded)

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Course Description

The course title is Working Efficiently in MS Excel. The objective is to help participants to permanently overcome the avoidable frustrations and inefficiencies usually associated with MS Excel usage by those who have little or no expertise in it. Participants will return to work better skilled in spread sheet analysis and reporting, increasing their contributions to corporate goal attainment. The course is designed to impact the intermediate to advanced level skill needs of the participants.


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Enrich their familiarity with the language and functionality of MS Excel
  • Master the skills for spreadsheet analysis and reporting
  • Learn how to handle data, create and use objects in MS Excel.
  • Learn how the mastery of the power of EXCEL results in gaining more insight and intelligence for management decision making.