Stakeholder Management in the Oil Industry

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    Oil & Gas Operational Excellence
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Course Content

Stakeholders in the Nigerian Oil Industry

·         The Business Case for Stakeholder Management

·         Stakeholder Map in the Oil and Gas Value Chain

·         Stakeholder Position: Needs and Expectations


Mapping Stakeholder Relationships

·         Stakeholder Needs and Areas of concern

·         Characteristics of stakeholder groups

·         The Salience Model

·         Stakeholder relationship visualization techniques


Essential Personal Skills for Stakeholder Management

·         The power of ‘Agile.'

·         Practical people engagement

·         The power of empathy

·         Running effective Stakeholder meetings


Stakeholder Management Techniques

·         Impact Analysis (people, processes and systems)

·         Gap Management Planning  

·         The Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet


Stakeholder Communication Strategy

·         Effective communication practices in Stakeholder Management

·         Elicitation Techniques

·         Stakeholder Communication Plan: Design and Implementation   


Stakeholder Engagement Plan

·         Clarifying objectives

·         Stakeholder Risk Analysis

·         Communication and Feedback Mechanism


Stakeholder Conflict Management

·         Conflict management styles

·         Managing difficult stakeholders

·         Managing stakeholders conflicts

Influencing and Negotiating with Stakeholders

·         Practical applications to influencing stakeholders

·         Critical concepts of win-win negotiation

·         Negotiations and building coalitions


Group / Individual Activity

·         Develop Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

·         Self-assessment: stakeholder management competencies

·         Group discussion: major stakeholder management challenges

·         Develop Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Strategy

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Course Description

This course focus on all oil and gas projects, operations and transactions. This function makes it a critical focal point in the stakeholder map in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector. It is therefore imperative to enhance the competencies of its employee in effectively manage the demands and expectations of its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management is the process of managing the expectations of anyone that has an interest in a project or will be affected by its deliverables or outputs. It is a critical success factor for many initiatives. This intensive Stakeholder Management in the Oil industry will cover the process of identifying and prioritising key stakeholders, determining their power and influence bases and how they are likely to react to different communication and interaction styles, strategies and tactics.

This workshop would expose participants to both theoretical and contemporary thinking on negotiating and resolving conflicts with stakeholders. They would be given tools to map and manage their stakeholder relationships and assist them in developing an actionable and measurable engagement strategy.