Procurement Management

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    Project & Contract Management
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Course Content

At the end of the Course Participants would be able to:

  • Understand how effective purchasing contributes to the profitability and competitiveness of the organisation.
  • Understand how to become an effective buyer or procurement officer
  • Learn how  to use market intelligence for better procurement outcome
  • Understand, measure and improve their purchasing performance
  • Develop and use effective tools for better supplier selection and performance management
  • Create an effective procurement strategy and manage the tendering process for better outcome
  • Structure their buying activities to ensure the best results especially for high risk and high value purchases
  • Analyse quotations and bids from suppliers
  • Improve their negotiation skills and use it to their advantage during the procurement process
  • Understand various types of sourcing including strategic sourcing
  • Understand how to reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Understand how to deal with Supplier Failures

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Course Description

What is the link between procurement and the project life cycle? What is the role of the buyer in the procurement management process? Aligning procurement strategy to project deliverables ensures that the project meets its objectives. Effective purchasing is key to project success and as procurement often represents a considerable portion of project spend, it is important that the process is well managed to ensure that value for money is realised and the project is delivered on time.


In all of these the buyer has an important role to play. Being an effective buyer not only means possessing the right qualities but also knowing the tools to deploy to get the most competitive deal from the market place, to cut off wastages and inefficiency along the supply chain and to effectively negotiate with and manage your suppliers  to get the best from them. 


This course exposes participants to a comprehensive treatment of the elements of the procurement process.  It demonstrates through case studies, exercises, group discussions and practical examples how they can use a combination of market intelligence, strategic planning, procurement toolkits and personal effectiveness to become effective procurement officers and buyers, and in return create value for the business.


“This program has been educative as well as informative, as it sheds more light into effective procurement.”