Managing People for Effective Performance

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    Business Strategy & Performance
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Course Content

  •  The Landscape of the 21st Century
  •  21st Century management thinking
  •  The Changing Nature of Organisations
  •  Essential Skills for Management Effectiveness

              Self-Leadership Skills
        i. Self-Awareness and Emotional Competence
        ii. Developing Change-Readiness
        iii. Getting Things Done

              Interpersonal Skills

        iv. Communicating for Desired Outcomes
         v. Influencing Without Formal Authority
        vi. Driving Collaboration and Team Skills
        vii. Coaching for Results

                  Adaptive Skills
      i. Strategic and Critical Thinking
        ii. The Problem Solving Mind-set
       iii. Building and Inspiring Resilience

              Organisational Skills
       i. Achieving Strategic Speed as a Competitive Advantage
       ii. Planning at the Edge of Chaos
       iii. Driving Employee Engagement in a Trans-Generational Workforce
      iv. Leading Employees through Change
      v. Managing the Talent Pipeline for Strategic Advantage
      vi. Driving Internal Service Excellence

  •  Your KiSS Plan - Personal Development Planning
  •  Course Review & Close

Course Information

  • Next Start Date:
  • Duration: 2 Days Days
  • Course Fee : N89,950
  • Seating Capacity: 20
  • Venue: OGS Knowledge Center
  • City: Lagos
  • Upcoming Dates:

Course Description

Create and Sustain Winning Teams!

Today's managers and their employees are constantly being tasked to do more with fewer resources in increasingly challenging business environments, and coping with technology and social changes that occur at dizzying speeds. The workforce is now more diverse, cutting across four generations with widely dispersed ethos and values. As competition becomes globalized and markets blend, the skills that brought us here cannot take us there!

In order to thrive in these unpredictable times, leading companies are strengthening organizational capabilities by equipping their managers with the new capabilities to focus people and teams for desired results.

By attending this course, participants will learn how to develop exceptional talents through influence and inspired guidance. They will gain improvements in their adaptive and communications skills, learn how to get buy-in, and deliver the results that ensure success. They will return to work equipped with the capacity to create an energized, high-impact work environment.

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Build critical competencies for leading self and others
  • Acquire adaptive and problems solving skills for coping with change
  • Focus employees and sustain engagement for results
  • Appreciate the dynamics of the 21st century and the performance implications

The course features highly interactive sessions, targeted inputs, and self-led discovery and coaching

Organisations that have attended our Management and Leadership programmes include, CNOOC, Subsea7, Department of Petroleum Resources, Energia, Midwestern Oil & Gas, Brass LNG, REAN, First Registrars, and many more!


The course is especially suitable for Supervisors, Team Leads, and Mid-level Managers