Leading with Creativity and Intelligence

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Fee: N220,000 (Per Participant Ex VAT) Duration: 2 Days

Organizations of all sizes are facing an increasingly dynamic environment in their efforts to achieve profitable growth and sustainability – no thanks to the varying regional and global shifts of the 21st Century:

  • Traditional markets are disappearing,
  • Competitors are becoming moving targets
  •  Employee values are melding, and
  • Stakeholders and regulators are ever more demanding.

Simply put, an unprecedented change is taking place at an unprecedented pace! It is characterized by what has come to be known as the VUCA world – a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. How will you and your organization compete and stay relevant?

It is no longer enough to merely plan and direct action.  Behavioral skills alone will take you there. New leadership capabilities are called for. Leadership that unlocks the creative potentials of individuals and teams to recognize emergent patterns, make new connections, and build collaborations that deliver real value.

That is what participants in this 2-day Leadership program will come away with. You will experience the unbundling of your multiple intelligence and creative capacities. You will learn to develop practical solutions to everyday organizational problems and how to apply them to real-life situations.

The course is designed for CEOs, Directors, and senior executives in the public and private sectors. It will be facilitated by a team of highly experienced leaders, who cut their teeth in global corporations across several regions.


  • Explore the critical variables of the 21st Century from a leadership perspective.
  • Apply new skills in creativity, innovation, and change to develop scenarios and simulate possibilities
  • Harness your emotional and social intelligence to inspire great leadership
  • Develop your self-leadership and personal development credo for a VUCA 21st Century
  • Learn how to build collaboration across networks to enlist needed support that helps you deliver results
  • Make an immediate impact on your team on return.

Companies that attended our Senior Executive Programmes:
 Central Bank of Nigeria, Department of Petroleum Resources, Energia, Midwestern Oil & Gas, NIMASA, Continental-Re, NPDC, Halliburton, PPPRA, REAN, ExxonMobil, Chevron, etc

Leadership in the 21st Century

  • Explore the Landscape of the 21st Century
  • Discover  the changing nature of organizations
  • Evaluate leadership and talent development in a VUCA world
  • Make sense of issues and trends, and interpret the dynamics
  • Appreciate 21st Century leadership and management

Creativity, Innovation & Leadership Competence

  • Discover the limiting myths to your creativity and innovativeness
  • Develop your  creative thinking skills
  • Define your creative identity
  • Foster creativity and innovation in your team and organization

Leading with Emotional and Social Intelligence

  • Understand why the brain matters
  • Discover your emotional DNA and how to regulate it
  • Develop shared assets  for collaborative leadership at all levels
  • Recognize and manage the emotional and social competencies of individuals and groups
  • Discover the unique dimensions for leading the trans-generational workforce

Putting Your Creative Leadership to Work

  • Evaluate your creative leadership capabilities
  • Apply to learn real-life leadership challenges in your organization
  • Apply the KiSS model to develop your Personal Leadership Improvement Plan


  • Senior executives and managers who need to strengthen  their leadership skills to face the challenges of the new economy
  • High Potential employees identified for leadership development and succession planning
  • Permanent Secretaries, Directors, and Chief Officers of ministries and agencies responsible for sectoral leadership and regulation
  • Programme and Project Directors and Leaders in various sectors

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