Financial Modelling for Real Estate Business

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Fee: N320,000 (Per Participant Ex VAT) Duration: 3 Days

This course will outline the foundations of real estate financial modeling and the key concepts you need to get started building your own models for development projects.

The basics of real estate financing and recommended practices for using Excel are first covered, with complexity gradually added. Learners will construct comprehensive, industrial-grade multifamily, office, retail, and industrial models by the end of the course, including in-depth discussions of the modeling of revenues, operating expenses, capital improvements, debt, and joint venture waterfalls.

This program is designed for professional developers, lenders, and individual investors in real estate private equity, operators, developers, lenders, and individual investors.


  • Modeling frameworks for real estate decision-making, and confidently approaching any analysis.
  • How to create a financial model for real estate from scratch that is dynamic and functional.
  • Gaining knowledge of powerful features and functions will significantly speed up and boost productivity in Microsoft Excel.
  • Real estate financial modeling best practices
  • Real estate investment and development theory
  • How to utilize historical financials to build a multifamily acquisition model
  • How to utilize Argus outputs to build a commercial acquisition model
  • How to build a real estate development model
  • How to model a debt schedule
  • How to model a joint venture waterfall


  • Introduction to Real Estate Modelling
  • Operating Cash Flow
  • Non-Operating Cash Flow
  • Debt and Levered Cash Flow
  • Joint Ventures and Waterfalls
  • Summarizing and Analyzing the Model

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