Data Strategy and Data Governance

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Fee: N220,000 (Per Participant Ex VAT) Duration: 2 Days

Organizations go digital without first having a proper data strategy and data governance policy in place. Mostly they just follow the crowd.  Data strategy and governance should not be an afterthought in your digital transformation strategy. Without proper data governance organization data can be a liability. The longer an organization takes to implement data governance the deeper the hole to dig out of it.  

This programme /training will help you discover how data generated for various sources can be used as an organizational asset and to create new value.

You will have mastered the following skills by the end of the programme and be ready to create your own data strategy employing data management, data governance, data technology, data culture, and data science.

  • Developing an innovation strategy using data insights.
  • Establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making in your firm.
  • the use of strategies and frameworks for generating value from data.
  • Building a data-focused roadmap to gain competitive advantages in your industry.


  1. The Relationship between Data and Strategy
  2. Driving Data Strategy
  3. Components of Data Strategy
  4. Developing a Data-Driven Operating Model
  5. Data Management
  6. Data Governance, Quality, and Security
  7. Data Processes and Technology
  8. Data Organization and Culture
  9. Digital Governance
  10.  Leveraging on Data Science




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