Contract Management

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    Project & Contract Management
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Course Content

  1. The contracting environment
  2. Forms of contract/standardised industry contracts
  3. The tender process – ITT and Tenders Board
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Contract objectives and key performance indicators
  6. Contract award, administration and management
  7. Supplier/contractor relationship management
  8. Establishing the strategic fit


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Course Description

An effective Contract Management is equally as important as the strategy of an organisation. The capacity to deliver on strategy is not unconnected with the ability to provide to manage the contracts that come with it. As contract often represents a considerable portion of project spend, it is important that the process is well managed to ensure that value for money is realised.

Aligning Contract strategy to project deliverables ensures that the project meets its objectives. It is however the contract that ties together the parties’ aspirations and the project deliverables. Getting the contract right is important if disputes are to be minimised and the project delivered on time, at the least possible cost and with regard to safety of operations.

This course covers the essentials of the contract management. The role of contract in the procurement management process is also covered and the project life cycle is examined. 


At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Understand  the role contracting plays
  • Learn how to develop a contract strategy and the appropriate contractual relationship that delivers the project objectives
  • Learn how to negotiate better contract outcomes
  • Align risk management plans to Contract Ts & Cs that deliver project objectives
  • Manage contracts to ensure mitigation of risks/losses, minimisation of disputes
  • Learn effective Supplier Relationship Management