Business Writing for Business Success

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    Self Leadership & Influencing Skills
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Course Content

  •  Learn to write business reports and proposals that are clear and concise
  •  Communicate effectively with data and graphics
  •  Learn how to appeal to the various sensory channels depending on the audience
  •  Demonstrate competence in the correct use of acronyms, abbreviations, and ‘technical jargons
  •  Distinguish between formal and informal emails and rules of writing
  •  Develop skills for overcoming “writers block”.
  •  Master the rules of grammar and sentence construction
  •  Identify obstacles to effective report writing and how to avoid them.
  •  Master a range of tools and techniques for effective business writing
  •  Use these techniques to build an effective process that can be used to deliver professional results on a consistent basis.

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Course Description

This course teaches participants to express themselves clearly and to the point for that mission-critical business writing.

Business communication, whether written or spoken, is at the centre of all business transactions and engagements. Yet the ability to communicate effectively is becoming an increasingly rare skill especially among the younger generation of our workforce, no thanks to “freestyle” social media messaging, and falling educational standards. This presents significant challenges in professional business writing that sometimes lead to lost revenue and interpersonal conflicts.

The problem is so endemic that it is no longer unusual to find quality assurance roles in some organizations created to serve as gate-keepers that would trap that poorly worded business letter or report before it gets out. But because the gate keeper can only do so much, many leading organizations are exposing their employees to professional training on effective business writing skills, as part of their overall organizational development strategy.