Business Essentials for Technical Professionals

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    Oil & Gas Business Performance
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Course Content

Self-Leadership Skills

  1. Self-Awareness and Emotional Competence
  2. Developing Change-Readiness
  3. Getting Things Done

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Communicating for Desired Outcomes
  2. Influencing Without Formal Authority
  3. Driving Collaboration and Team Skills
  4. Coaching for Results

Adaptive Skills

  1. Strategic and Critical Thinking
  2. The Problem Solving Mind-set
  3. Building and Inspiring Resilience

Organisational Skills

  1. Achieving Strategic Speed as a Competitive Advantage
  2. Planning in Uncertainty
  3. Driving Employee Engagement in a Trans-Generational Workforce
  4. Leading Employees through Change
  5. Managing the Talent Pipeline for Strategic Advantage
  6. Driving Internal Service Excellence


  • OGS MDP Capstone
  • Your Personal Development Planning

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Course Description

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is no longer sufficient for an organisation’s technical team to be proficient with tools and machines. The capacity to understand the business linkages of their operations, apprehend the drivers of change, and lead teams effectively, are requisite competences they must bring to the table.


This course equips the technical specialist to appraise emergent situations in their environments more clearly, demonstrate a higher sense of personal leadership in providing influence and inspired guidance, and apply new perspectives to solving today’s complex problems.


As competition becomes globalized and markets blend, the skills that brought us here cannot take us there. To thrive in these unpredictable times, leading companies are enhancing organizational capabilities by equipping their technical teams with the essential business and management skills for delivering successful outcomes and staying in the game.

Some organisations that have attended our Leadership and Management programmes include the DPR, Energia Limited, Midwestern Oil & Gas Ltd, Subsea7, CNOOC Energy Services, and Brass LNG


AUDIENCE The course is suited for Supervisors, Team Leads, and Mid-level Managers in technical or field roles.


COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of the course participants will be able to apply the following skills to achieve improved performance and workplace relationships

  1. Emotional Intelligence & Self Leadership
  2. Adaptive & Problem Solving Skills
  3. Business & Financial Intelligence
  4. Internal Service Excellence
  5. Stress Management & Resilience
  6. Influencing & Communication Skills