Business Communication & Negotiation Skills

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    Business Strategy & Performance
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Course Content

•  The Communication Model

•  Common Problems With Technical and Business Reports
•  The Psychology of Communication
•  The Five C's of Report Writing
•  Steps to Quality Report Writing
•  Guidelines for Designing the Report - 
•  Using Numbers, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Tables, Charts & Graphs, Caps and Small Letters
•  Writing & Editing the Report
•  Developing a Compelling Presentation
•  The Presentation Challenge
•  Designing a Compelling Presentation
•  Delivering a Compelling Presentation
•  Applying the negotiating framework (concepts and cases)
•  Qualities of a good Negotiator
•  Forms and Types of Negotiations
•  Sources of Power in Negotiation
•  The Negotiation Schedule
•  Techniques of Negotiation
• Culture and Political issues in Negotiation 
•  Negotiating as a Team (economist, business analyst, procurement specialist, geologist, lawyer etc)
•  Negotiation in practice: role plays and video demos

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Course Description

Business communication, whether written or spoken, is at the centre of all business transactions and engagements. Yet the ability to communicate effectively is becoming an increasingly rare skill especially among the younger generation of our workforce, no thanks to "freestyle" SMS messaging, and falling educational standards.  

This presents new challenges in professional business communication and negotiating situations. The result may include lost revenue and interpersonal conflicts. The problem is so endemic that it in some companies quality assurance gate-keepers are created to review out-going communications. But because the gate-keeper can only do so much, many leading organizations are exposing their employees to professional training in business communication and negotiating skills to enhance overall organizational development strategy. 

This 3-day comprehensive course teaches participants to express themselves clearly and to the point in all forms of business communications and negotiations.