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Date: Dec 13-16, 2021

Project management is so much more than what is visible at first glance. Often we see a team, the tools, and the pieces needed to complete the project. What we do not see is the planning, the tool selection, the communication, mentoring, or even the “speed bumps” that got the project this far.

Project management is a proven process for guiding a project or a task execution from cradle to grave. However, an effective process alone cannot deliver flawless task execution. A complement of critical leadership and management acumen is required to bring a project to a successful completion. This balanced approach to project management is the basis of this workshop.

The course marries project management concepts and practices with the strategic aspects to ensure project delivery success and organizational alignment. It gives you proven ways to meet the daily challenges of project management using real-world cases and scenarios

The course focuses on highlighting the crucial processes and skills for flawless execution of projects, which for the purpose of this course, does not necessarily refer to signature mega-projects only. The overall objective, therefore, is to help participants develop the capacity to lead project teams and engage stakeholders through varied complex scenarios and deliver projects on time, under budget – and safely too. Simply put, you will learn how to “making it happen!”

Taught by practicing senior managers with extensive PM experience across industries in several countries, the course is fully practical oriented using actual case studies.

Go beyond project templates to effectively lead cross-functional project teams
Manage change to make things happen
Develop strategic insights to link project deliverables to the corporate agenda.


The structure comprises two clear themes as follows:

•    Project Management Processes
•    Project Leadership & Control

In addition, a range of self-discovery and profiling tools will be used to help participants build necessary social and emotional competencies.

Session I: Project Management Processes
The workshop will start against the backdrop of project management as a body of logical processes that ensure completeness of approach to task execution. Without this, there would be no clear road map for the project team to follow and no way to know if the project is on course. To achieve this, the following are covered:
•    Overview of the Project Life Cycle
•    Project Roles and Rationales
•    Project Definition and Planning – Scoping, breakdown and scheduling
•    Project Activity Costing & Control - Resource estimation, budget development, and Earned Value Analysis
•    Project Execution Strategy
•    Project Portfolio Concepts

Session II: Project Leadership & Control
The project manager plays a key role in a project. While one of his/her roles is most certainly managing tasks, a project manager must also be a leader, coach, organizer, motivator, negotiator, planner and conflict resolver, to name a few.
To achieve this, the following are covered:
•    Metrics, KPI’s, and Dashboards
•    Project Stakeholder Engagement – Stakeholder analysis, trust and influence.
•    Project Communications – project reporting and critical conversations
•    Emotional Competence – leading without authority
•    Problem Solving – resolving project conflicts and managing risks

Project Directors and team leads, Managers responsible for business execution, Project Engineers, Operations and Administrative Managers, Executive Personal Assistants, etc

Course Information

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  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Course Fee : N155,000
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  • Venue: Lagos
  • City: Lagos
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